A responsible solution for surplus food from catering

Nuclo Catering adheres to a solid corporate social responsibility policy based on our participation in charitable projects to use food resources to reduce the situation of poverty in Barcelona.



Through this non-profit NGO, Fira de Barcelona and GSMA donated more than two tonnes of food at the last edition of the Mobile World Congress.

GastroFira, Fira de Barcelona's in-house catering company, often generates a food surplus. Thanks to its infrastructure and internal logistics, this food is efficiently collected and dispatched.

Many event organizers, especially those in the Pharma sector, include in their CSR clauses the requirement of dealing with this food surplus, and entrust Fira de Barcelona with distributing it for social ends.


In line with its good environmental practices protocol, Fira de Barcelona promotes the use of biodegradable materials and the recycling of waste (paper, cardboard, glass, packaging, etc.).

We believe that corporate social responsibility means making a commitment to the community and protecting the environment, which we have been fulfilling by minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and donating our daily food surpluses to various NGOs. Through these kinds of actions we hope to contribute to a fairer and more altruistic society.

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